<h2>Powernet | Dimitris Tsafos</h2><p>Electrical Works</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.powernet.4ty.gr/more.php?l=el' >More...</a></div> <h2>Electrical Works of all kind</h2><p>Antennas, cameras, phone networks</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.powernet.4ty.gr/more2.php?l=el&id=9231' >More...</a></div> <h2>DEI Power Certifications</h2><p>Power Certifications in Metamorfosi and all areas of Athens.</p><div class='bgslideshowmore'><a href='http://www.powernet.4ty.gr/more2.php?l=el&id=9235' >More...</a></div>
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Powernet - Tsafos Dimitris - Electric Installations Metamorfosi

Perfect Technical Training

Perfect technical training and continuous information on new technologies. We undertake all kinds of electrical work, with great responsibility.


Totall Satisfied Customers

Our customers are fully satisfied with the services we offer them because our primary goal is to combine quality work with the best prices.


Safety and Functioning

The most important thing for us is that every project is 100% safe and fully functional.

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